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About is a social media platform that provides video streaming as well as video portfolio services for Malaysians interested in promoting businesses, services, campaigns, commercials, hobbies or event talent as well. adalah platform media sosial yang menyediakan servis penstriman video dan perkhimatan portfolio video untuk warga Malaysia yang berminat untuk mempromosikan perniagaan, perkhidmatan, kempen, iklan, hobi bahkan bakat juga.

Portfolio video bukan lagi hanya untuk industri-industri yang terpilih sahaja. Kewujudan video profesional akan meningkatkan kehadiran dan kepentingan anda di media sosial. Anda boleh berkongsi dan mempamerkan karya anda dengan bangga!

Pembuat filem tempatan atau pencinta filem pendek bebas boleh menggunakan dengan hanya berkongsi URL portfolio dengan rakan-rakan dan pelanggan-pelanggan sambil menikmati penstriman yang hebat, pantas dan profesional.

Video Portfolio

Video portfolios are no longer for the select few. A professional video presence will increase your presence and visibility; allowing you to share and showcase your work. Having an online portfolio makes a great first impression!

Local film makers or independent short film lovers may use as their preferred video portfolio service provider. Simply share your URL portfolio with your friends and clients and enjoy impressive, fast and professional streaming.


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Malaysian local film and independent film maker

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Promote any business or products through our channel and enjoy a professional and marketable presence while reaching  a wider market segment.

Women Channel

We think women rock everyday in every single way. Myvid Women Channel discusses women issues, lifestyle, health and trends. (Coming soon)

Myvid Career

Ditch the boring traditional resume route! Let your personality shine through on video.

Wow your prospective employer with your brilliant personality and get ahead of the pack! Create a live resume and upload it here.


Film is a visual medium. Just show, don’t tell. Promote your short film and make it as a subscribe package


Useful documentary videos and reference material just waiting to be seen. Watch it and embrace the knowledge.


Video advertising campaigns are a powerful tool for getting through to your audience. Increase public awareness by sharing your campaign video here.


All commercials are advertisements, but not all advertisements are commercials. Share with us your creative & brilliant commercial advertisements.


It does not matter if your product looks unattractive. You can always portray it through an interesting way.


Make people aware of you & your abilities. It’s your time to shine!

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Live Streaming menawarkan pakej siaran langsung (live streaming) , langganan pakej ini adalah berbayar (rujuk halaman Live Streaming)

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Anda boleh berkongsi maklumat anda kepada sesiapa, seperti memberi pautan url portfolio/channel kepada pelanggan, rakan, komuniti,dan sebagainya, berkongsi video pemasaran, produk, perniagaan dan lain-lain. disediakan untuk warga Malaysia khususnya dengan tujuan mempromosikan apa jua bidang samaada perniagaan, perkhidmatan, profesional dan industri kreatif.

Untuk mengemaskini profail / channel, anda boleh membuat rujukan di bahagian 'help'